Certified PreOwned Home Program


What is a CPO home?

Designed to overcome hurdles upfront, a Certified Pre­Owned Home (CPO) packages three items that when combined, serve as a powerful proof of value for home buyers.


1) Current Appraisal

2) Current Home Inspection

3) First Year Home Warranty



Because your home sale is important to us, we have developed strategic partnerships with vendors who understand the CPO home process and who are able to offer you the best services at a reasonable cost.



The CPO Program will allow you to know up front the true condition of the home and what repairs have already been made, the fair market value of the home, and the home warranty will take care of problems that may arise in the first year!


Advantages to CPO

Appraisal Advantages

1. Prevents you from giving your home away!

2. Protects you from potentially low­ball offers!

3. Provides you an unbiased opinion of value!

4. Used by courts, banks, and lawyers as legal proof of value. a realtor’s® evaluation of value is not!

5. Will always trump a realtor’s® research of value!

6. Includes an accurate sq. ft. measurement.

7. Includes a floor plan to share with buyers.


Inspection Advantages:

1. Inspection and repairs up front puts YOU in the driver’s seat!

2. Allows you to shop around and get quotes for repairs!

3. Saves you money and stress by getting the repairs done “at the right price”!

4. Some buyers will choose to save their money for inspections and use our disclosed inspection! This is best case scenario!


Home Warranty Advantages:

1. Provides a buyer’s peace of mind for the first year of expensive year of home ownership!

2. Adds excellent value to buyers!

3. Not paid for until closing!

4. Also provides the SELLER coverage while the home is on the market.


Why Buyers, Sellers, and Agents Love CPO

1. Sellers can have peace of mind knowing that most sale obstacles have been removed.

2. Most CPO homes sell faster and for a better price!

3. Buyers can negotiate from a position of knowledge of home condition and value.

4. The home is more likely to not have appraisal issues during the loan process.

5. Sellers are able to control who and how much is spent on repairs before having to deal with the stressful demands of the contract.

6. Reduces stress and gives peace of mind.

7. Provides contract ­to ­close security.

8. Agents prefer to show homes with full and total disclosure, including price support.

9. Creates a WIN ­WIN for everyone!


Our CPO Partners


Reach out to me today to get the list of our CPO Partners and pricing.


Tonya Byrd

Tonya Byrd


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